There are also times when I use themes in my work; and the themes are metaphors for my life experiences. I find it fascinating to examine them, particularly those that entice me to think and explore – because in the end, it is the people, places and events in our lives that make us who we are.


The idea of “Refuge” is to think of a safe place that you may have found or built around you – a place where you can be comfortable and happy, but also a place, that after a while, can imprison you, leaving you unfamiliar with the outside world and afraid of what is beyond your “walls.” You may be afraid of failing – or, when leaving, afraid of not being able to return. The question that haunts us all is: “Do you remain in your refuge because you are happy? Or do you stay because you are afraid?” It is a difficult question that only you can answer.

Ti Amo

The theme of “Ti Amo” is a need, or almost a necessity, to scream out loud and declare your love with two simple but beautiful words. I chose to use the Italian translation of “I Love You” because I learned to love so many things before I learned the English language. Over time, I recognized that we avoid saying these words, as we may be afraid that after we declare our love, we will not receive a reciprocal response. Finding the strength and the courage to tell someone (or something) how much they’re loved is to dig deep inside yourself. It is the only way to feel loved and to find happiness.


According to Greek mythology, Gaia is the goddess of Earth and created our planet. While exploring this idea, I began drawing figures of people who were surrounded, engulfed, and even immersed in nature, almost to the point that it is difficult to distinguish the difference between human life and Earth. From a young age, I realized that it is difficult to separate the environments, people, and experiences that influence our personal development. From the air that we breathe to the water that makes a plant grow, our only hope is to live with all things in perfect harmony, embracing the fact that nature is a part of all of us.